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Introducing the Peat Elite

Discovering new Single Malts is one of life’s great pleasures, but we know some of you want more. Some of you know peated whisky inside out and still can’t get enough, want to taste more, to experience more, to learn more and keep learning, to get closer to the source. 

We think of you as the peat elite, so that’s what we named our members’ club. To do justice to your dedication, we wanted this club to be more than just a mailing list, it should be a full immersion into the intricacies of our smoky island Single Malt. In fact less a member’s club and more a society dedicated to exploring the beauty of Torabhaig’s peated spirit, for the truly dedicated, the peat fanatics, those unafraid to get their fingers smoky. If this sounds like you, we suspect you already are among the ranks of the Peat Elite, so why not make it official?

Peat Elite members can take advantage of genuinely exclusive bottlings, priority access to limited release stock, exclusive sample packs, newsletters from our distillers, preferential treatments and enhanced tours at the distillery, shop discounts, and more…


As a member of the Peat Elite you will receive your own club-exclusive whiskies twice a year, single cask expressions bottled at cask strength, each accompanied by an on-line tasting with the whisky team and a question & answer session. You’ll also receive exclusive previews of future releases, experimental whiskies that few other people will ever see and new-make off the still so that you don’t miss anything in the development of our spirit, all delivered to your door.

Membership card with an introductory sample of Torabhaig Single Malt.
Spring and autumn club exclusive bottlings, each one a single cask bottled at cask strength.
Cask samples and experimental whiskies selected by our distillers.


Login to the members’ area to check on upcoming events and access the Peat Bog, the Peat Elite’s very own webshop with discounted prices and a growing list of rare whiskies including small batch malts, single grains and blends from both our distilleries. The Peat Bog will also list the Distillery Reserve bottlings, otherwise only available to those physically visiting the distillery shop. You can also check in with the club secretary when we have scheduled on-line tastings, club days and catered events off Skye. Regular visits mean you don’t miss out.

The members’ webshop with discounts and club-exclusive limited edition whiskies.
Online tutored tastings and Q&A with the distillers and ambassadors.
Members-only access to the distillery exclusives through the webshop.


We would be delighted to see you at Torabhaig as often as possible and the Peat Elite will always be guaranteed a warm welcome. We can offer you a free guest ticket, in-store offers and discounts, and a personal guided tour with one of the distillers. There will also be club events including guest whisky makers and rare spirits tastings, notice of these will be posted on the site or you can enquire with the club secretary.

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